alicious what?

February 23, 2007

Dear Fergie,

I have serious issues with your hit song “Fergalicious.”  While I must admit that it is growing on me, when I first heard it on the radio, I thought it was a commercial for chewing gum.  We could talk for days about the downfall of popular music, or how I can’t believe your performance of “My Humps” won a Grammy, or even how offended I was when you named the “real” version of your hit song “Let’s Get it Started,” “Let’s Get Retarded,” but don’t get me side tracked because I’ve got a serious issue with this particular song.

You’re completely contributing to the dumbing down of America when you (intentionally!!) misspell words in your songs. “Tasty” is NOT spelled “Tastey.” I don’t care that it didn’t “rhyme right” without the extra “e”.  It just isn’t spelled that way. Spelling is not something I feel you can just change the parameters of to suit your needs. Be a real artist and figure out something else that works lyrically.

Thank you for your time,



  1. She doesn’t do the music. Will-I-Am does.

    She’s just the blonde vocalist with the abs.

    Don’t ask anything more of her.

  2. Can I ask that she stays continent? She wet herself on stage here in San Diego. Not the biggest fan, no.

  3. I have somehow missed Fergalicious. While I own up to the fact that “Let’s Get it Started” kicks off a mix CD that someone made for me (or did I make it for myself?) and I have been known to sing the line, “my humps my humps” over and over again (since it’s the only part of the song I know), I have somehow missed Fergalicious and all of her terrible spelling ideas. Should I get on this? I’m feeling old tonight. I don’t even know which radio station plays her anymore.

  4. Well said. Ditto.

  5. Hey, as an aside, I am vacationing in Maine this summer in a place called Camp Ellis. Is it any good?

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