photorgasm, etc.

February 20, 2007

So yesterday was a holiday that I didn’t have off. So, I did what anyone whose gorgeous wife was home lollygagging while I was slaving off at work would do. I left at lunchtime, came home, and had a lazy lollygagging afternoon. I took a bunch of pictures.  And I’m going to share them all with you. The only catch is that you must be approved as my “friend” on flickr.

First, the big news of the weekend? I cut my hair. It was time. The growing experiment was over. And look. My sunny outlook and impish grin have returned! It is amazing what one little haircut can do. I’ve been supernaturally changed (extra points for those who get the reference.) Seriously. It’s like the cloud of gloom and doom that seems to have been hanging near my head in recent months is totally gone – just because my hair is back to “normal.”  And it IS so normal for me. Lots of my friends, co-workers, etc, have all said that. It’s good to see you back to “normal.” And even though I had hair people “would kill for” (I don’t get this, but apparently my hair was like, good. For what? I dunno.) I was so so happy when the clippers hit the back of my head – I can’t even explain it.

Then, someone somewhere suggested that there be some sort of photo home tour. And as I figure it, I’d invite many of you over to my house for dinner, and being as that won’t likely happen, at least you can see where I live. There are all sorts of notes, etc.

Again, you must be approved as my friend on Flickr in order to see all of the photographic loveliness, so, have at it.  And if your name is something I won’t recognize, just shoot a message telling me who you are.

On to other things. Civil Unions in NJ. My mother is so excited about this.  Last week, her beloved German Shorthaired Pointer, Cooper passed away, and well, this was very very sad. The only good part is now my mother has a dog free home, and she’s very excited to host S and I in about a month or so. She would like us to get a NJ Civil Union, and she would like to have another party. I’m all for more parties. Plus there are a lot of family/friends who didn’t come (uh, or get invited) to our wedding in ’05 who would probably be up for celebrating with us. We’ll see. Maybe we’ll just go for burgers at Fuddruckers or something exciting like that. Who knows.

And in babymaking news- we had a very nice ovulatory cycle this month, which means that everything is a go for next month. New donor chosen, papers filed with the bank…now we just do that graceful dance of “hurry up and wait.” I am trying to not be hopeful about this go-round. Because if it did work it would be so much easier on our hearts, emotions, and most notably, our wallets.


  1. holy crap that’s a lot of pictures! Glad I finally got to see your new hair.

  2. this is the best post from you in a long time. Wait- I mean you sound the best. Not that you haven’t been sounding good…it’s just now you sound great & hopeful & silly & YOU.
    I love your new hair, love that you got to take a mental health day with S, and I am so fucking thrilled about the NJ sitch AND that next cycle will be a trying cycle. wooo hoooooo!!!

  3. I’m a first-time commenter… love hearing about your adventures with ttc. my partner and i will probably be experiencing the same stuff some day, so it’s great to have this site to learn from! good luck!

  4. Ok,

    First: we now look alike.. but it’s ok because oddly enough I’m growing my hair out.

    Second: can I finally be the flower girl who lifts her skirt at the end to reveal her fluffy underwear NOW? please?


  5. Would love to see the pictures, how do I get signed in as a friend? Is there a pinky promise or something?

  6. I also want to be your flicker friend.

  7. Can I see the flickr pictures too? I need a haircut –it’s getting bad– and am hoping to be inspired!

  8. So much in that post….just wanted to add that I am sorry to hear about Cooper.

  9. I dig the hair. I can see why you would get the “good hair” comments, though, especially from folks with straight hair. Your hair is full and kind of the “right” amount of curly, KWIM? It’s quite nice.

    Damn, now I’m missing my good hair.

  10. Oooh I can’t wait to see the new hair pics and more!! Very exciting. I also envied your curliness 🙂

  11. Doh. Your Flickr no love me. 😦 My name on Flickr, Yahoo, etc. is thegreatesttyler. Please add me to your list of approved gawkers. Thanks.

    By the way, great blog. I’d surely be there to see you get civilly joined in good old T-Shirt, New Jersey.

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