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it’s a big surprise right between the eyes

February 9, 2007

Another stunning realization was made last night, around 9:30 or so. See, as I’ve discussed (ad nauseam) we don’t pay for television. So we only get two channels (with rabbit ears, and they’re still fuzzy) and so we don’t actually watch much TV.  Except at 9 pm on Thursday nights. Because somehow, we’ve gotten ourselves addicted to Grey’s Anatomy. This is the first time in my life that I’ve had a “show.” I feel like I have that “elderly woman gotta watch her “shows”” kind of thing going on, but I get pretty upset if we miss it. It’s kind of a date for us. And cleverly, ABC re-plays the episode on Friday nights so, if we DO miss it, we can catch it the next day. Or off their website. But whatever. Anyway, on to the realization.  

After watching a Wendy’s commercial in which the background was the music from the Violent Femme’s (I can’t believe THEY sold out) “Blister in the Sun,” and then watching some car/bank/whatever commercial using the Soup Dragon’s “I’m Free,” (yes, I know it’s a Stones song, but this was completely the SD’s version of it) and then, THEN, some other forgettable company used Modern English’s “Melt with You,” as the background to their commercial.  I looked at S and said, “holy shit. We’re THE target group.  I mean, it seemed in the last few years it seemed that advertisers were pandering to the +45 or so crowd, using a lot of Beatles (thanks Michael Jackson) and hippie 60’s music as the background to advertisements. And I understand this as this age bracket makes up a HUGE part (if not the biggest) part of the US population right now. But seriously. Those songs? My youth. My high school days. Right back at me. I’m feeling old.

On to other things. My day started well (besides the fact that it’s freezing) with a man from a local supply shop calling me and saying, “Hi, this is *** from ******. I have three hoses.” Yep, I could only reply with, “wow, you must be quite popular.”  My mouth is going to get me into trouble some day. Actually, forget that. It has already done enough damage. 

Thanks for all your ideas on the ring location expedition of ’07. It still isn’t found. I’m sad, but it’s not horrible, since I must confess that in reality, I am NOT good with jewelry, which is something that we both knew when we had these rings made. It is replaceable, and it wasn’t too very expensive that it will kill us to buy another. We’ll give it a few more weeks and see if it turns up. Also, I’m really…pretty much a very…methodical person, and when I take my ring off, there’s only like 3 places I’d actually put it. As it’s not in any of those places, I kind of feel like perhaps this is more likely what happened.  I have lost like, 40 pounds since I got married. It’s also really cold here. So cold that I’ve had to wear gloves, which I don’t normally do. Not just one pair either. I wear a pair of those cheap stretchy gloves underneath a pair of those…gas station/smokers gloves which have the fingers cut off at the first knuckle and then have a mitten part that goes around it. So combined with my fingers being smaller, and it being cold, my main fear is that we were out somewhere, and I had to rip my gloves off to do something (answer phone, get at wallet, whatever) and the ring flipped off then. Which is sad. But not an irreversible condition….again though, I thank you for all of your suggestions (none of them worked though.)