Red Tide

December 20, 2006

One of the worst things about working in a fairly remote location and being the only female employee under the age of 55, is when your period decides to surprise you and take the (about 4 days or so for me) early train, there is no one to…..help out.

I usually keep an emergency stash in the glove compartment but I uh, gave it away to a friend like…2 years ago and have neglected to replace my stash. I’m so so smart. Really.

Excuse me, as I have to figure out a reasonable excuse to need to go to rite-aid at 9AM.


  1. emergency out of town guest and you need a gift?

  2. I think you should just tell your office-mate why you need to go. Do it. Give the gift of discomfort this holiday season. LOL.

  3. Say you have “female issues”. Believe me, the guy’s response will be “Ugh. Just go. Please.”

  4. hey- side note- just realized that we are cycle buddies now for the 1st time in a million years.

    um…cycling for nothing…but still, um, yeah. woo hoo


    periods suck

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