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Fast, Like Lightning….

December 18, 2006

Quick update, as there are some personal life things going on where the fit has hit the shan over the weekend, and those issues are requiring my immediate attention. Don’t think I don’t love you though:) For real introspection, I have a new post up at

Though there have been no menorah related fires or injuries, some uncooked latke (I think) got into one of the burners on my stove top and caught on fire as I was trying to boil some pasta water on Sunday evening. This was not a huge fire, and my extinguisher was not put into use, though I will be heavily scrubbing my pasta pot to get the blackness off of it.

Also, while cleaning our pantry/closet, I found the cover to one of the legs on our ironing board that went missing a long time ago. It’s our hanukkah miracle.