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Truly, I Have a Dizzying Intellect

December 5, 2006

Last week, during the “fritalian” debate, someone named “quigley” left a comment talking about (I think) purchasing a non group insurance policy in order to pay for IVF. As there was no link, I don’t know how to contact this person, so, here’s an open call for help/advise/suggestions.

My concerns:

1. I live in Maine, and would need to buy a MA policy, which mandates IVF coverage. Will I have to lie about my residency (which I won’t do, well, ok, I don’t think I’ll do) in order to purchase a policy?

2. If I CAN get a policy, would I have to have services rendered in MA? Or would they cover me at the IVF center in Maine?

3. Again, if I can get a policy, will there be any pre-requisite for coverage? By this I mean, I can prove that we’ve paid for 4 medicated cycles with IUI. I can prove that I have been diagnosed with PCOS. I can also prove that my tubes, while not blocked, are somewhat funky. Is there more of a prerequisite that would be needed? Like proof of….I dunno, 6-12 cycles? If so, we’d either have to pay out of pocket for however many more cycles (which could perhaps work) and STILL save us money in the long run if we have to do IUI. I mean….4 cycles cost us just about…I dunno, not more than $4,000. So, if we have to prove even 8 more cycles, it won’t cost more than $8,000, and lets say, two IVF cycles, paying the insurance premium of $500 a month (I’ll say $2,000) that’s only 10K spent, for TWO tries, as opposed to 15K out of pocket for just one here in Maine.

Ok. That’s all I can think of now. But the thought of something like this actually working is pretty freaking exciting. So really, let me know what you think, have done, has worked for you, or your friend, or someone you read about once before. Let me know.