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December 31, 2006




December 30, 2006

The only thing I can offer is my current thought of “I just ate a small piece of chocolate deliciousness before bed. If I brush my teeth now, I will spit brown toothpastey yuck and that just grosses me out. I guess I’ll have to wait a bit.”

Seriously, nothing to see here kids. I’ll try again tomorrow.


Random Thursday!

December 28, 2006

A few random notes while I’m still coming down from the Christmas holiday festivities.

1: I totally enjoyed The Sound of Music. They have the “sing along” option on the DVD extras so of course we blew some time doing that. Awesome! Bri, I totally want to hear about your SOM tour of Salzburg. Incredible. Save that story for the next time we’re in your town.

2: Everyone in my family has returned to their state of origin and my house is empty, and things are slowly returning to normal. Except one thing. I’m having a very difficult time sleeping. Last night I had a series of weird dreams. I dreamt that we had given birth to perfect, deaf, baby boys. My RE was telling me that if we only had done 1 embryo transfer, then that child wouldn’t have been deaf. Then I dreamt that S had left me, hooked up with someone else, and we were all attempting to sleep in the same bed. Then I dreamt that we were taking some kind of karate class together where the instructor was my favorite local tattoo artist. Hella weird. I would have killed for an extra hour or so to stay in the wrapper this morning.

3: Even though S said I could, I said “no” to buying a Nintendo Wii yesterday. And I SO could have because they were right there, in the store, ready for me to take home. My reasonings? I’ve never played it. And even though it sounds great and the reviews are awesome, I still haven’t played it. Also, I have an Original Nintendo that I NEVER play. $250 is a lot to spend on something that sits. Finally, it seems that there are NO extra controllers to purchase right now. So…uh, I’d be playing with myself. Which normally I don’t mind, but in this case….yeah.

4: I will admit that I have spent the last 6 weeks doing ANYTHING I can to avoid the mall. Anything. I did ALL of my holiday shopping locally, or via the internet. I made gifts. So it may surprise you that I spent over 4 HOURS there yesterday accompanying my wife on a outfit shopping excursion for New Years. By some stroke of genius, we managed to find her an outfit, shoes, accessories, etc., ALL within this one trip. Amazing. And she looks so so so good. I’m so glad she’s my New Year’s date! I was a trooper throughout the trip. No whining or complaining. Actually I was mostly contemplating issue #2. I also picked up my tux shirt/tie, which matches S’s outfit perfectly. I will be wearing it with my kilt and big boots, which brings me to…

5: If this was 1996 I would have NO problem finding the following. One pair cherry red Dr. Martens 10 eye boots, size UK5. I could just go to the store and have them. Not so anymore, and I need them by Sunday, so, I think I’m kind of SOL. I will just (I think) have to make due with the black ones I already own. But damn, the red would look so good. Maybe some calls and a field trip to Boston are in order. Hrm.

6: I really love the new tea travel mug that S got me for Christmas. It’s wonderful. And I can put my own design between the actual mug and the sleeve. Excellent. I also got a fabric screening kit that I can’t WAIT to work with. Next year everyone is getting screened dish towels for the holidays. Word.

That’s it. Well, there’s more but it’s even more disjointed than this post, so I’m going to keep the rest of it to myself for now. Happy Thursday!


I Must Have Done Something Good

December 26, 2006

Another Christmas is over, and honestly I’m glad for the break. But I wouldn’t trade all of the family and craziness for anything. I had such a great time over the past 4 days. First, I got to see my mom for more than a day, which is always really nice. And, I spent some good time with my brother, which was great because I haven’t actually seen him since my wedding, (well, for a second in early Nov. but that doesn’t count.)

I can’t say this often enough, but I am so incredibly blessed to have such a wonderful family.

There are stories. I mean, who doesn’t do a huge family thing and NOT have stories? I just can’t figure out how I’m going to share them yet. I can assure you….they will come. As will some pictures, because of the hundreds that we all must have taken this weekend…..some had to come out pretty ok.

For now….I”m going to go back to curling up on the couch and enjoy the rest of “The Sound of Music” with my family. I am loving this movie. I have to admit, as gay as I am, and as much as I like showtunes, and even though I know ALL the songs in the show, I’ve NEVER seen the movie. So…..for now, back to Austria.


She’s Crafty…..

December 20, 2006

So, being that the Spooky Genius family has received the package that contained liquid from me already, I can tell you about the Hanukkah gift she received from me. It would have totally spoiled it if I outed my gift in the previous post, but as she’s home, shaking it up to her hearts content, I will tell you. This year, I tried my hand at making miniature snow globes. They were a lot of fun to make. My favorite part was searching art and toy stores for miniature things to put in the snow globes. I used baby food jars as containers, all plastic toys, and a waterproof, clear, silicone glue.

I made one with a bunch of nuns, with gold and red glitter:


And one with an alien and a space ship, with green and black/white cow shaped glitter – cuz you know, aliens are always doing things to cows:

Space Alien

And the one that Spooky got, which was special for her, that contained piglets. Many many piglets. This photo isn’t that good, but truly, it’s amazing, because I used a teeny tiny jar for it, and lots of blue and silver and white glitter. Not kosher, but a good Hanukkah present none the less:


I have some ideas for future globes (I think a barbie head would be neat/creepy) but things get hectic at this time of year and I will include myself amongst those who have not found a way to escape the holiday “crunch” that seems to be upon us. With that….its late, and bed calls. Night!



December 20, 2006

I’m having a really stupid week. I seem to not really be able to keep my shit together and then do really dopey type things. Case in point:

I send some holiday gifts via the US mail service. They tend to do a good job. On Tuesday I waited in an obscenely long line to mail my packages out. The counter person did not ask any of the usual questions about my packages. Therefore, I was not reminded about the whole “do not send liquids in the mail” thing. Now, of course, I wrapped my liquid filled item up quite well so that it would be protected in transit, but what I hadn’t thought of was the fact that even though it was 47 degrees outside when I mailed it, it dropped to around 27 last night. Not good for liquids. Fuuuuck. There are a few things about this that give me hope about my package arriving to its destination ok. 1, while there were other gifts that were sent along with liquid filled item, all of them are pretty waterproof. 2, I’m hoping it got wedged in a truck, all cozied up in between boxes upon boxes of sweaters. And 3, it was heading south of here, which has got to be warmer….right?

Man. I really wish I paid attention to my common sense-o-meter more often.


Red Tide

December 20, 2006

One of the worst things about working in a fairly remote location and being the only female employee under the age of 55, is when your period decides to surprise you and take the (about 4 days or so for me) early train, there is no one to… out.

I usually keep an emergency stash in the glove compartment but I uh, gave it away to a friend like…2 years ago and have neglected to replace my stash. I’m so so smart. Really.

Excuse me, as I have to figure out a reasonable excuse to need to go to rite-aid at 9AM.