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File Under: That Would Have Sucked

September 21, 2006

Yesterday morning started out pretty boring. Well, S decided that she didn’t want to get up at dark thirty to work out, so she stayed in bed. But forgot to re-set the alarm. So we woke up, wide-eyed at 7, and scrambled to be out of the house on time.

In our neighborhood, Wednesday morning is “garbage time,” and as I was getting into my car, the truck was stopped just ahead of our house, on the normal route I take to work. So, instead of get stuck behind a stinky truck, I turned left, and took the first side street (it’s a one way,) which connects to the major road that takes me to work. Halfway down the side street, some crazy bitch in a blue Volkswagen tears backwards out of her driveway, not even looking where she’s going! But wait! That’s not some crazy bitch! That’s my SISTER, driving her girlfriends car, not looking where she’s going, about to plow into me!

I beep my horn. She doesn’t hear it. I slam the horn (and my brakes.) She pays attention. She rolls down her window. I roll down my window. I say “What the fuck!!!! You didn’t even LOOK to see if there was traffic!!” She replied, “Well, no one ever comes down this street!” And I say, “Uh, I just did! And seriously, it’s a one way – you only have to take ONE peek, not two. Gahhhhhh”

Getting slammed by my sister, first thing in the morning? That would have sucked, so so bad.

*Apologies to my sister, who I love very much, but who sometimes drives like a crazy person. Really, I love you. I had to tell this tale. It was good “blog-fodder.”


Miracle of Miracles…

September 19, 2006

I find it incredible that due to the advances of modern technology, one can now actually microwave a pizza and have the crust be crispy. This is freaking amazing.

More: Wouldn’t it be freakin neat if blogger could figure out a way that people could “register” users to their blog so that they wouldn’t have to do the stupid word verifications anymore? They always take me like, at least 2 tries, and that pisses me off.

Just letting you know what’s really weighing on my mind today.


All the Riches in the Night…

September 18, 2006

The past year has gone by SO quickly….it’s pretty amazing. We celebrated our anniversary in fairly classic style, with dinner at 555. Truly an amazing meal, which my foodie self has memorized, so you can enjoy it through me.

We both had some cocktails to start. S enjoyed a beet/goat cheese salad as her starter, while I had some lobster filled wontons atop a curry fennel cream sauce. Pretty amazing beginnings, eh? For our entrees, S had wild Scottish salmon that was served atop a slice of fried green tomato, served with a bourbon soaked cornbread, and I had peppercorn seared day boat scallops with roasted fennel-potato puree (awesome,) butter glazed pearl onions, and carrots served with this amazing vanilla sauce. We then enjoyed a small cheese plate (if you’re reading the menu, we had the Pau, and a French selection that is not on the online menu,) some after dinner drinks (I’m becoming a HUGE scotch fan) and then some desert – mine came with homemade marshmallows. S had an assortment of chocolates, and we both enjoyed a cup of some of the best coffee, ever.

While pricey, the meal was amazing and the service was very very good, and all wait staff worked well together to create a good experience for everyone there. Highly recommended.

We woke up on Sunday morning to a game of ding-dong-ditch – our wonderful friends J and K had left the Sunday paper and a gift card to DD on our front doorstep. Pretty great.

The rest of the weekend consisted of watching the SeaDogs play (and ultimately, they DID win the Eastern League Championship last night, alas we weren’t there to see it,) and catching up on the second season of Grey’s Anatomy, which we’ve become addicted too. We also shared some year old cake (surprisingly, still pretty wonderful,) with two women who we really really like a lot and want to spend more time with, and their adorable son who is growing like a weed and is, at 18 months, doing chin-ups off of my kitchen table. Amazing stuff.

As for this week? The leaves are starting to change their colors, though the weather here remains very pleasant and warm during the days. Rosh-Hashanah is upon us this weekend and that brings family, friends, and good food!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend, and…..S…..Happy Anniversary. I can’t believe it’s been a year (what a year!) since we shared a beautiful evening with our friends and families. It was the best day of my life. Words can’t express how truly wonderful you are, and how happy you make me. XO


A Few Notes on a Friday

September 15, 2006

1- We should have “tried” on Wednesday and Thursday. It has been incredibly hard for me to take my head out of this game, even if just for a brief while. I was sad for most of the day on Wednesday, because we weren’t trying. Yesterday was better. And also, I haven’t had a weird moody outbreak in a few weeks, and I’m not really missing them. If there is one ok thing about taking a break, well, that’s it.

2-There is something very very fun about being in a room filled with “new gay.” Thank you, D for making that happen. We had a blast with you, your kids, and your friends last night. We’re already planning a “Fall Fling” at our house, to pay back the hospitality. Also, grilled meat is good stuff. We loved having the opportunity for that as well. Again, thanks.

3-A year ago on this Friday, S and I were frantically preparing for our wedding. It was “the day before.” Today was mani/pedi day, final things at the mall day, and get ourselves down to the wedding site and booked in and relaxed. The year has gone by so so quickly. But I’d marry her again, a zillion times. More on that later in the weekend. I think it deserves a post of its own. In any case, we’re going to spend the weekend celebrating us, having a great time out on the town, and eating year old frozen cake. Mmmm.

4-Baseball continues! The SeaDogs advanced through the division playoffs last week, and tonight have a chance to win the Eastern League Championship against the Akron Aeros. Guess where we’ll be?? Right. In our regular soft seats behind third base. Yeah. Good times.

5-My “readership” has gone down almost 20% since I announced that we were taking a break. This doesn’t really get me down because I was never doing this for high hits, but I do have a few thoughts on the “ttc blog” community. We’re fickle. I think that deep down, somewhere, we’re…..not happy, but that’s the best word I can think of right now…when our friends in the struggle fail. Not because we’re evil, or because we wish sadness upon people, or because we don’t want our “friends” to succeed. But because it makes our failures seem…I don’t know, more normal? Or somehow, it’s less hurtful when people you like are going through the same thing? I can’t explain it. And on the flip-side, if one of us succeeds, “we” often disregard them – as if we don’t want to be reminded of their happiness. Which is sad too. Just so you know – I don’t do this. And, I’m truly happy for each and every one of you who succeeds, (and I still read your blogs!) and my heart breaks just a little bit each time one of us fails. Just so you know where I stand. If anyone else has thoughts on this…comment away.


Queer Gem

September 13, 2006

Sometimes we just pick gay movies that we think we’ll like off Netflix. Most of the time they’re poorly produced crap, but tonight we got lucky. Dorian Blues was charming and cute, and many many moments of it painted a pretty good picture of what it was to be gay and in high school in the early-mid nineties. Never heard of this movie before, and I’m going to highly recommend it. Four stars.


Is There No Talent in Hollywood Anymore?

September 12, 2006

Is it just me, or is there NOTHING to watch on TV except reality TV shows??? As many of you know, we don’t have cable. Really, we don’t. Mostly because I believe that we read more, exercise more, and have more sex because we don’t have cable. I figure that when we have a baby, we won’t have sex anymore anyway, so we can get cable then. For now, we live with the 2-3 channels that we (sometimes) receive via rabbit ear antennas.

We do watch movies, etc, but….we’re limited for daily TV entertainment. Yesterday when we were settling down from our day, we wanted to watch a little TV before bed. What was on??? Nothing. I mean….There was the ABC 9/11 special, but honestly, I’m one of those people who would be perfectly happy to not watch ANY of the post 9/11 movies, documentaries, etc. I don’t care how/why the towers came down. All I know, is that they did. And that 5 years ago I spent the day worrying about my brother (who had been working there just a few days prior to the attack, and I didn’t know if he still was) and my friends and neighbors who worked in the towers. Thank G-d, I didn’t lose any friends/family that day. But I did lose 5 of my college classmates. And I have high school friends who lost parents and siblings. I am done with that day for right now.

So I flipped to other channels. All we could find were STUPID reality shows! Does “Hollywood” really do better because the networks don’t have to pay actors anymore? Stupid idiots from all over will work for FREE!!! It’s truly amazing what people will do for about 30 seconds of fame – really, it’s totally not even close to 15 minutes anymore.

Or maybe there’s just a lack of writing talent. Perhaps there are NO good TV writers anymore. It’s ok. I’ll keep renting old episodes of the Cosby Show and remind myself of a time where TV was actually entertaining, and not just frustration inducing.


By the Seat of My Pants

September 10, 2006

Is it Sunday already??? What an incredible weekend! I engaged in some very un-me like behaviors, which was liberating and wonderful. Let’s start on Friday night, when I got to see MATSUI!!! play for the Trenton Thunder. The Thunder loss (which was fine with me, as I am a SeaDogs fan) but I got to see MATSUI!! in action, which was great. There were Thunder fans who trekked up from New Jersey – who were wearing these brightly colored, store manufactured Hawaiian print fan shirts. S looked at me and said “Last time I checked, there was nothing tropical about Trenton, NJ.” Cute. On Saturday, after a routine morning of getting my oil changed, I was pleasantly surprised when the owner of the car dealership where I go for service gave me 2 tickets to the SeaDogs game to be played THAT evening. YES. MORE MATSUI!!!

Because S had gone to the game the prior evening, (she doesn’t particularly like baseball, but will accompany me because as she says “well, there’s beer there,” I felt it in my best interest to find someone else to attend with me. And find somebody, I did. One of my favoritest people ever was going to be on the Saturday morning bus from Bangor to Boston. That particular bus connects in Portland. I managed to convince her to get off the bus, spend an awesome day hanging out at some of my favorite Portland locations, and then go to the game with me. Only catch? I promised to drive her home after the game. Hello, ADVENTURE!!! And as an added bonus, she lives very close to Lesbianville, MA, another of my favorite locations. YAY. I think this excursion a was good idea for both of us (me, and my friend) because….I’m not as spontaneous as I’d like to be – I find I often think things through to death, and find I live my life in sometimes very calculated segments – And I like to keep my friend on her toes. She’s actually more family to friend than me, and I’m totally stoked whenever I can get some extra time with her. I knew this was going to be a great time.


The game started on time, but after only one inning of play, there were massive thunder clouds passing over and it began to pour. Shoot, rain delay. We stuck it out for about 15 minutes inside the dry spots of the stadium crowded in with about 5000 of our closest friends. We made the executive decision to get S to pick us up, take us to get a bite to eat, and leave for MA a couple hours earlier. Probably a good thing, because when they DID start play again, the game went into extra innings (the SeaDogs won, and now advance in the playoffs) and we’d probably have gotten there at like, 5 in the morning!

The drive was fun. There was lots of story telling, and good conversation. We can’t stay at my friend’s house because of their pet situation (S’s allergic) so round two of the adventure began for me and S. We headed to the Best Western hotel in downtown Northampton because they said they had 1 room left, and of course they would give us the discount rate we found in the travel-guide S picked up at the Mass Pike rest stop. Excellent. Except for the fact that our room keys wouldn’t work, and even though the desk clerk put forth great effort into breaking in to the room, it was all for naught – it wasn’t happening. It was already after 1:00am at this point, and my nerves were getting a little shot. Believe me, they’ll be getting a letter from me. Actually, I hope it’s good enough to get a nights stay, because we plan on returning and going to The Big E in just a few weeks time.

Anyway, we got a (similarly priced) room at the hotel down the road, where it took about an hour or so for us to settle down enough for sleep. We (unfortunately) woke up on the early side, enjoyed the complimentary continental breakfast (which included a waffle bar, excellent!) provided by the hotel. We then walked downtown Northampton for a little bit, which I always love doing. Except…..I loved it a little less this time. When I lived in Noho, there was only ONE chain establishment on the very quaint, very independent Main Street. Of course, it was a Starbucks. Being as I hate Starbucks coffee, and no one I new ever went there (I preferred (and still do) the Haymarket, right down the block) so I mostly ignored the existence of the chains in town. Then, shortly after I moved away, Quiznos took over Barts, a local ice cream store/cafe. Though I found this somewhat disturbing, I had lots of other things on mind and kind of ignored the store’s existence. This trip….The chains have made themselves known and now they are impossible to ignore.


Yep. Dunkin’ Donuts has moved into downtown Northampton. Damn. I understand that there are practically more DD’s in New England than there are people, and that they have to be located no more than one mile apart from each other, however….yuck. Their appearance only solidifies my belief in the corporate take over of small town America, and it deeply, deeply saddens me. This is an issue that Portland is dealing with as well, as the city council is seeking to limit the addition of any more formula restaurants in the downtown core, including the “Old Port” district. Right now there is a DD, Starbucks, AND Baskin Robins in the Old Port – but that district is considerably larger than Main Street Northampton.

Oh well.

As long as you still find items like this:

Doll parts, anyone?

at small, independent stores….I guess there is some good left in the world. I just wish there was more of it.