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The Rules

September 28, 2006

Since some of you have asked about my “you can’t blog about that” rules, I thought I’d make a whole post about it. Some of the rules are self created, and others are enforced by S. no particular order:

1- I can not blog about our (reallyreallyquiteplentifulandawesome) sex life. Period.

2- I do not blog about my place of employment, though I sometimes (not really often) talk about what I do. I don’t think that many of you who only know me through this blog know how I eek out a meager living.

3- I do not blog about my family, for two reasons. One, they (with the exception of my trusted sister) don’t know about its existence and have no way of rebutting any claims about them that I may make, and Two, if they ever DO stumble across the blog and start reading, I would hate for them to think I wrote stuff about them, posted it on the internet, and didn’t tell them.

4- There are currently no pictures of either one of us on the blog, nor do I foresee that becoming a reality any time soon. Pictures of us on flickr are locked for friends only viewing.

5- No real names are allowed. Initials are ok.

6- I can blog about our plans, etc, but not specifics, times, dates, etc. I can blog about these things AFTER the fact, but not before.

7- Remain mostly anonymous. Seriously. Someone warped could read through the entire blog and probably piece together enough information to figure out who we really were. I’m not saying that as an invitation, it’s just a fact. S has a fairly public job with a good bit of exposure, and 99% of people who figure out who she is, will know who I am too. I’m not that worried about it, really. At some point in time, perhaps when the world starts going right for me and a baby is here, living and breathing, and I’m no longer working, I may “come out” of the blog closet. Don’t know yet. Right now, anonymous is good.

That’s about it. I don’t think I missed any. So…

What are your “rules?”