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Hippy Pie Sucks

September 24, 2006

My friend, Spooky Genius has written a great review of this years Big E. Sounds so good, I am hoping to make an excursion to Massachusetts next weekend. Here in Maine, this weekend brings the Common Ground fair. This fair is “put on” by the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association. It’s really kind of like a hippy state fair. There is no processed foods, refined sugar, or coffee to be found on the grounds, and all concessions and vendors are hawking organic wares. They do have whole wheat fried dough, so, I guess it’s not THAT healthy, but still. There’s a huge social justice tent, and you can learn how to milk sheep and goats at least a few times during the festival.

Tonight, we had two friends over for dinner. I put together a pear, carmelized walnut, and goat cheese salad, and made homemade black pepper pasta with vodka sauce. It was damn fine. Our friends bought dessert – vanilla ice cream and an organic apple pie that they picked up that afternoon at Common Ground. Organic, whole wheat crusted, sweetened with maple syrup, apple pie. It looked pretty good. The whole idea of it sounded pretty good. I have to tell you, honestly, it sucked really really bad. Really bad. I mean, I love dessert, but this was freakin awful. The “guts” of the pie were not horrible, but there wasn’t much guts to be found, and the crust was just….so not good. I was really rooting for the hippy pie, but we all would have been happier with something “Sara Lee” made in the frozen foods aisle.

Your PSA of the week? Just say no to hippy pie.