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To My Yid Homies

September 22, 2006

L’shanah tovah tikatevu v’techatemu!

Wishing you a sweet, healthy, and joyous New Year! May 5767 be wonderful for us all.


With These 4 Words….TAGGED

September 22, 2006

I’ve been tagged by Calliope!!

The ‘game’ is to take the four words provided and then write something about them, which will miraculously reveal something about myself to you.

The four words given to me were: Magic, Elevator, Humble, Perfect

Magic: Ok. Hi, my name is j, and I’m a freaking dork. Not in the cool, I can put computers together, fix any electrical problem in the house, expertly put flat ship furniture together way, but in a REALLY freaking dork kind of way.

While I don’t “get” role playing (and someday I’ll write about my theory of people who do RP games and how 90% of the time they’re into S/m, but not today) games like Dungeons and Dragons, I freaking LOVE playing Magic: The Gathering. I have many decks of many colors and strengths. Uh. Yeah. I also have no one to play with. Dork.

Elevator: My pervy self immediately thinks about that Aerosmith song, “Love in an Elevator.” But I will never be living it up when I’m going down. Wanna know why? So. Many. Germs. Seriously, so many people touch all over elevators all day long and probably never wash their hands so I’ll never get caught in flagrante delicto in a public elevator. This is the same reason why I don’t bang in public bathrooms. The thought of all the germs scheeves me out more than anything. I’ll take my public sex outside, under the cover of night. Though, I try not to think too much about the “nature” that’s out there, cuz sometimes that freaks me out too.

Humble: Is it telling that I’m having a hard time coming up with something to enter for this word? Is my ego too big? Am I going to have trouble getting through doorways today? I don’t know. I try to be humble. Really, I do. I don’t think it always shows, but I don’t think I project myself to have some sense of excessive hubris either. I do “accept defeat” humbly. I am very good about admitting when I’m wrong, even if it makes me look super stupid.

Perfect: I’m so not even close to perfect. In fact, I don’t even strive for it. Perfection is highly over-rated. I do believe that even though things lack perfection, they’re perfect for me. I’m not going to lie and say my wife is perfect either, but know what? She’s totally perfect for me. Our weird things and neuroses mesh so well together. And really, isn’t that all you could want in a partner?

Ok, I’m supposed to tag people, but I have some rejection issues and I would be crushed if someone I tagged didn’t play. So, if you’d like to play, your four words are: Change, Dare, Worry, and Scissors.