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File Under: That Would Have Sucked

September 21, 2006

Yesterday morning started out pretty boring. Well, S decided that she didn’t want to get up at dark thirty to work out, so she stayed in bed. But forgot to re-set the alarm. So we woke up, wide-eyed at 7, and scrambled to be out of the house on time.

In our neighborhood, Wednesday morning is “garbage time,” and as I was getting into my car, the truck was stopped just ahead of our house, on the normal route I take to work. So, instead of get stuck behind a stinky truck, I turned left, and took the first side street (it’s a one way,) which connects to the major road that takes me to work. Halfway down the side street, some crazy bitch in a blue Volkswagen tears backwards out of her driveway, not even looking where she’s going! But wait! That’s not some crazy bitch! That’s my SISTER, driving her girlfriends car, not looking where she’s going, about to plow into me!

I beep my horn. She doesn’t hear it. I slam the horn (and my brakes.) She pays attention. She rolls down her window. I roll down my window. I say “What the fuck!!!! You didn’t even LOOK to see if there was traffic!!” She replied, “Well, no one ever comes down this street!” And I say, “Uh, I just did! And seriously, it’s a one way – you only have to take ONE peek, not two. Gahhhhhh”

Getting slammed by my sister, first thing in the morning? That would have sucked, so so bad.

*Apologies to my sister, who I love very much, but who sometimes drives like a crazy person. Really, I love you. I had to tell this tale. It was good “blog-fodder.”