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A Few Notes on a Friday

September 15, 2006

1- We should have “tried” on Wednesday and Thursday. It has been incredibly hard for me to take my head out of this game, even if just for a brief while. I was sad for most of the day on Wednesday, because we weren’t trying. Yesterday was better. And also, I haven’t had a weird moody outbreak in a few weeks, and I’m not really missing them. If there is one ok thing about taking a break, well, that’s it.

2-There is something very very fun about being in a room filled with “new gay.” Thank you, D for making that happen. We had a blast with you, your kids, and your friends last night. We’re already planning a “Fall Fling” at our house, to pay back the hospitality. Also, grilled meat is good stuff. We loved having the opportunity for that as well. Again, thanks.

3-A year ago on this Friday, S and I were frantically preparing for our wedding. It was “the day before.” Today was mani/pedi day, final things at the mall day, and get ourselves down to the wedding site and booked in and relaxed. The year has gone by so so quickly. But I’d marry her again, a zillion times. More on that later in the weekend. I think it deserves a post of its own. In any case, we’re going to spend the weekend celebrating us, having a great time out on the town, and eating year old frozen cake. Mmmm.

4-Baseball continues! The SeaDogs advanced through the division playoffs last week, and tonight have a chance to win the Eastern League Championship against the Akron Aeros. Guess where we’ll be?? Right. In our regular soft seats behind third base. Yeah. Good times.

5-My “readership” has gone down almost 20% since I announced that we were taking a break. This doesn’t really get me down because I was never doing this for high hits, but I do have a few thoughts on the “ttc blog” community. We’re fickle. I think that deep down, somewhere, we’re…..not happy, but that’s the best word I can think of right now…when our friends in the struggle fail. Not because we’re evil, or because we wish sadness upon people, or because we don’t want our “friends” to succeed. But because it makes our failures seem…I don’t know, more normal? Or somehow, it’s less hurtful when people you like are going through the same thing? I can’t explain it. And on the flip-side, if one of us succeeds, “we” often disregard them – as if we don’t want to be reminded of their happiness. Which is sad too. Just so you know – I don’t do this. And, I’m truly happy for each and every one of you who succeeds, (and I still read your blogs!) and my heart breaks just a little bit each time one of us fails. Just so you know where I stand. If anyone else has thoughts on this…comment away.