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Is There No Talent in Hollywood Anymore?

September 12, 2006

Is it just me, or is there NOTHING to watch on TV except reality TV shows??? As many of you know, we don’t have cable. Really, we don’t. Mostly because I believe that we read more, exercise more, and have more sex because we don’t have cable. I figure that when we have a baby, we won’t have sex anymore anyway, so we can get cable then. For now, we live with the 2-3 channels that we (sometimes) receive via rabbit ear antennas.

We do watch movies, etc, but….we’re limited for daily TV entertainment. Yesterday when we were settling down from our day, we wanted to watch a little TV before bed. What was on??? Nothing. I mean….There was the ABC 9/11 special, but honestly, I’m one of those people who would be perfectly happy to not watch ANY of the post 9/11 movies, documentaries, etc. I don’t care how/why the towers came down. All I know, is that they did. And that 5 years ago I spent the day worrying about my brother (who had been working there just a few days prior to the attack, and I didn’t know if he still was) and my friends and neighbors who worked in the towers. Thank G-d, I didn’t lose any friends/family that day. But I did lose 5 of my college classmates. And I have high school friends who lost parents and siblings. I am done with that day for right now.

So I flipped to other channels. All we could find were STUPID reality shows! Does “Hollywood” really do better because the networks don’t have to pay actors anymore? Stupid idiots from all over will work for FREE!!! It’s truly amazing what people will do for about 30 seconds of fame – really, it’s totally not even close to 15 minutes anymore.

Or maybe there’s just a lack of writing talent. Perhaps there are NO good TV writers anymore. It’s ok. I’ll keep renting old episodes of the Cosby Show and remind myself of a time where TV was actually entertaining, and not just frustration inducing.