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The Good, Bad, and Ugly

September 8, 2006

I’ve been sort of quiet this week. Yeah, our vacation was great, but we did have to return to regular land, which was quite a let down. Almost nothing of note has occurred since our return from Acadia, but I will give you a run-down:

The Good:

The Portland SeaDogs made it to the Eastern League playoffs. They are playing the Trenton Thunder. This means that my beloved Hideki Matsui will be HERE in town tonight!!! Once, when I was shopping in a Japanese market in New Jersey while wearing my trusty #55 Matsui t-shirt, the owner stopped me at the check out counter and said “Matsui?? You like Matsui???” to which I replied, “yes! He’s one of my favorite players.” And she said, “Matsui friends with cousin. I like Matsui too. 15% off for you!!” After I paid, as I was leaving, she shouted “MATSUIIII!!!!!” and raised her fists in the air. It was a touching moment.

I made the easiest $75 dollars of my life last night, and I didn’t have to do anything dirty to get it. I did a very boring market research group on commercials for banks. It was only 2 hours long, and I left the room with tax-free cash in my pocket. I then proceeded to spend some of it at big gay club, not much, but enough to not want to get out of bed this morning. There was a small dyke “fight” which we got to witness. Gotta love drama I’m not a part of.

Our one year anniversary is next weekend. We’re planning a night out at a really nice restaurant, eating year old cake, drinking the last bottle of wedding wine, and playing with some visiting friends. Should be lovely.

I got new glasses, because S said I looked great in them and that I had to have them. Even though I got glasses last year. I’ve never had 2 working pairs at the same time. Neat.

There is a huge kayak sale next weekend. Now that I have actually tried kayaking, and like it, S will allow me to purchase one. Hopefully I can find a used one at a good price. That would be sweet.

Wild Coho Salmon is my new favorite food. Though we will be having hot dogs and fried dough for dinner this evening, for probably the last time till next May.

The Bad:

We will be having hot dogs and fried dough for dinner this evening, for probably the last time till next May. I will miss baseball.

My favorite radio station was hosting an on-air baby shower for one of the DJ’s this morning. I don’t even need to go into how I felt about this.

Everyone is pregnant. At least it seems that way. When we see “one” S looks at me and says “there really is something to this obesity problem thing, isn’t there?.”

Babies are everywhere.

The Ugly:

I’m not taking this “taking a break” thing very well. There is a lingering sadness. I feel like I’m wasting time. I can “see” my eggs shriveling up and going bad. Yet…

I have complete ambivalence to the process. To say that my charting skills this month have been lackluster would be a compliment. I peed on one stick, and have “forgotten” to temp check all month. It feels almost nice to not be doing that stuff, but then I think about it and get angry at myself.

And last but not least….

CSI: Las Vegas and Grey’s Anatomy are on at the SAME freaking time this season. This truly…