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My Summer Vacation, by j.

September 4, 2006

As most of you know, we went Downeast this weekend. In the three years that I have lived here, the only two places that I’ve been that were located more than 20 miles North of Portland were Augusta and Orono. This was bound to be an improvement from both.

The drive up was uneventful, and a refreshingly light amount of cars were on the road. Upon arriving in Ellsworth we were relieved to find out that should S find herself unemployed in the near future, there’s always work available for her there.

Good to know...

We explored downtown Bar Harbor for a bit after we enjoyed a light lunch. We both (presumably) made the same wish into this fountain.


After wandering for about an hour, we checked into our INCREDIBLE suite at the Bar Harbor Manor. It was practically bigger than our apartment. There were two full bedrooms as well as a tv room that had a pull out couch. Next time, we’re bringing friends. (Maybe you. Be nice to us!) The only downfall was the HIDEOUS, Victorian flowered wallpaper/carpet combination.


Our friend D and her partner live on Mount Desert Island, where most of Acadia National Park is located. D has climbed (I think) every mountain on the island – And they have park tags on their car. She was an INCREDIBLE tour guide, and took us on about a 4 hour “tour” of the park. We are so grateful that we had such a wonderful guide. The afternoon was awesome. The pictures do not do the beauty of the park any justice, at all, but please accept my meager offerings.

The following were all taken at the top of Cadillac Mountain.

The View 2

More of the View

There was also an important life lesson in what happens when punks start aging not so gracefully. Note the balding mohawk, and anarchist t-shirt wrapped tight around his man boobs. Also note really really big Doc Martens, which I’m sure were painfully comfy while hiking the granite of Acadia.

What happens when punks get old

As you’re driving towards Seal Cove, there is an unmarked road that leads into a small park on Somes Sound. It is part of the only Fjord on the East Coast of North America. It was gorgeous.

Somes Sound

This is about the ONLY view of Martha Stewart’s “Skylands” compound in Southwest Harbor. One unmarked road in/out keeps many away. Also, when you drive near the woods surrounding the hill on which the compound resides, you can’t help but notice HOW well maintained the forest is, as in, it looks like her gardening staff is there all the time clearing away brush – helpful to see if any intruders/crazy foodie fans are trying to “break in” coming up the hill.

Martha's House

The next day we headed back through Ellsworth and met up with our friends in Franklin. We took a nice drive/walk around the Schoodic Peninsula. The Schoodic Peninsula is part of Acadia National Park, but isn’t on MDI. Actually there are other islands that house part of this park system as well.

Schoodic Peninsula

We stayed at this camp on a pond near Ellsworth. They say pond, but really, it’s a lake. It wasn’t HUGE lake, but definitely bigger than a pond. And it had an equipped kitchen, running water, electricity, and wood stove. It had a loft bedroom, a sun porch with two day beds AND a separate bunkhouse with bunkbeds in it. Anyone wanna go next summer? Totally fun. My idea of camping.


Also…..I got to go kayaking for the first time. I’m in love. Believe me when I say that the look on my face at this particular moment is one of pure joy.


It was a GREAT vacation. We’re relaxed, happy, and ready to face the world again. AND we still have tomorrow to enjoy with each other! For the moment….life is really, really, pretty much ok.