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Goin’ a Ways Up the Road

September 1, 2006

It has arrived! Friday! Yes. I am excited. A long 4 day weekend escape to places other than here. I am incredibly psyched. Other than that, I don’t have much to offer you today.

We’re going “Down East.” Which I find funny because I have to go North to get there. Mainers and their geography – something I’ll never get. Also, when Mainers are asked for directions, they pretty much always say, “It’s just a ways up the road,” while never exactly telling you how far. It’s pretty funny, actually. Moral of the story? Buy a freakin’ map! But seriously, it will be so nice to get away from computers, and copy machines, and bad news, and cell phone reception. A much needed break. And since we both took Tuesday off, it will feel (somewhat) like a “real” vacation, which we haven’t had in a while. Yes.

And for something totally random, the Drunken Noodles I made for dinner the other night. Yeah, it was about as good as it looks, if not better. It prompted our dinner guest to ask for my hand in marriage. Because polygamy isn’t really on my list of things to do, I had to decline, but the compliment and the offer sure felt nice.


I hope everyone has a fun and safe long weekend.